1.       Know where your merchandise will go ahead of time so we can make sure we only handle it once inside your house.
  2.        Always measure width of doorways and height of stair landings etc. when ordering large items. Making sure that items fit will help ensure your delivery experience is a positive one.
  3.     Practice good housekeeping when getting large items delivered. Make sure your delivery path is clear of debris or anything that will hinder delivery mans’ progress.
  4.    In extreme circumstances where items are a tight fit we may ask you to sign a waiver to release us of liability. 
  5.   Driver has the right to refuse execution of delivery if deemed unsafe.    


    a)    Electric Dryers/Ranges

 please make sure that a 220-volt electrical outlet is within 3 1/2 feet of the appliance prior to delivery. Ensure adequate spacing behind dryers for vent connections and always use metal venting - plastic is not CSA approved.
       b)     Refrigerators/ Freezers
a grounded electrical outlet must be in reach of electric cord of new appliance. Food must be removed from refrigerators and freezers before being taken away
      c)      Washing Machines
a grounded electrical outlet must be within reach of cord. All standing water in washing machines scheduled for removal must be emptied out prior to delivery of new machine.


       a) If old mattress and box spring are to be removed as per service agreement, please make sure that both pieces are in plastic bags and sealed for removal.
       b) In most cases delivery people will not touch old bedding as per companies health and safety policy. Please respect this policy and concerns of delivery people.  



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  Slips and trips


   Soft Tissue injury


Health and Safety Document. sourced from Ontario ministry of labour



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